How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers #Tunes #Clik

Got a new Bluetooth Speaker to your gadgets family? Now next step is to connect your Bluetooth speakers to a computer, smartphone or any other audio-capable device which is a two-stage process: 1) make the speakers discoverable and 2) Pair it with the other device which you want it to connect. Note the device which you’re […]

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How do I make my Laptop Battery last longer?

Laptop batteries are the most important part of your laptop. Without them your laptop is basically a miniature desktop computer, and they are no longer portable. So here are some tips and advice that will allow you to care for your laptop battery and get the most out of them.

Don’t make a habit of […]

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Tips to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life!

Nowadays smartphones are been used for multiple tasks ; not only for making calls and texting, it is heavily used for clicking pictures(selfies), surfing online, sending mails, whatsapping and more ..the list shall be endless.

Keeping all the above activities in mind and mainly in one device, the battery is bound to die really fast. […]

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Definitely a Clik :) with Media

It all begun with ‘Clik Speakers’ the latest launch from the Lapcare YO! Series – the portable Bluetooth Speaker. Standing strong in Media and raving positive sentiments Lapcare Clik Speakers indeed fooled everyone by its size!

With advanced technologies and seamless Music experience Let’s take a closer look and see what Clik speakers had in […]

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How to choose the right Power Bank?

Most people’s smartphones have to endure constant, heavy use, which makes portable battery packs an important accessory to carry regularly. But with so many options out there for portable power banks, it can be hard to pick the right pack for your smartphone.

Here’s the guide to make the job easier for you –

Check the […]

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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Portable Power Bank

As users, it’s no secret that technology is vastly becoming a part of our lives more and more as time progresses. We use portable computers when on-the-go work is necessary, smartphones to communicate and portable music devices to keep us entertained. These devices we all use help power us to keep moving, however, we […]

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