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Lapcare Desktop Security Locks

Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder
Bright chrome plated standard, other finishes available on request.
Pin tumbler mechanism
Steel made tubular keys, nickel plated
Key withdrawals in one position only
90 degree turn to unlock
170 cm length and 5mm diameter stainless wire, with clear PVC covering

Protect your laptop and its important and sensitive data from getting stolen. lapcare brings an excellent solution to laptop theft problems at work places. A combination security lock with a preset combination lock that operates with a push button and is easy to install. Its T-bar secures the lock to your laptop. For administrative convenience it\'s available in lots of 25, each lock with a preset combination. A web based admin tool provides an easy way to keep track of all combinations.

We have master key solutions for laptop & desktop
Please mail at barkha.bosman@rxinfotech.in